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Taxes for Chicago as of July 1 2020, how?

Will WD be offering any help in how to set up the new required collection and remittance for Chicago sales tax, that is being required starting July 1 2020? For those of us who are too small to use ShipCompliant?

I can tell you right now they will not have any system to deal with this. They will refer you to use shipcompliant (thousands of $$ per month). You will have to cover these extra taxes yourself out of pocket if you don’t use ShipCompliant.

WineDirect’s tax system is per state basis.

We deal with this same problem here in CA, we are required to charge sales tax based on the city/county rate. We found it is cheaper to just pay the taxes ourselves, than pay ShipCompliant $X,XXX per month to do it for us.Very frustrating but it is what it is.

You know, WineDirect used to have their own compliance platform that wasn’t a big, expensive, bloated monstrosity. Then they “sold” it to Sovos and shut it down. I still think there’s a place in the market for this and would help create better lock-in to the WineDirect platform. Shout-outs @Nelson

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