Template parsing is my enemy

Hi @Andrea, I’ve got a recipe drilldown template that just will not parse. I checked the .htm file directly via ftp and it is uploaded and the parser is claiming things have been parsed… but changes aren’t happening. Do you have any ideas for me to check?

I’ve never had this happen before, it’s weird and I’m stuck.

Hey @Lindsays_Doing_Wine,

Are you only experiencing the problem with the recipe drilldown or are other pages not updating as well? Could you also send me a message with the name of the client so that I can take a look?


None of my templates are parsing for two different clients. This was the response from support: “Please be advised that there is a delay when making changes to pages. This issue has been reported to our developer team and they are looking into the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have questions about this matter let me know and I will gladly assist you.” I have to tell you, this is not just an inconvenience; this is a major problem.

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Hi @Andrea, sorry for the delay in my reply, we’ve been super busy. (I’m sure you know what that’s like!) The parsing issue is not only with the recipe template, unfortunately. I am now experiencing it with another template, and I suspect based on @Jeff-VinVibe’s input I’m going to be seeing it more :grimacing:

I’m PM’ing you with my most important client’s info and a screenshare showing the issue. Thanks for your attention… this is a pretty big hurdle.