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Editing files

I created my FTP account and I’m in the files now, but whenever I go to view/edit any of the v65html files (example: home.htm). When it opens in my code editor it’s not showing any code. What am I doing wrong here?

Have you tried FTPing the files down and opening them in a plain text editor (Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on Mac) to rule out any issues with the FTP client/connection, or with a package in your editor?

Yes, I’ve tried downloading them and it will not let me. I’m using Filezilla and the error I get is: “local:unable to open… Critical:file transfer error” Should I use another FTP client?

I’ve also noticed that when I parse them in WineDirect settings, it’s not pushing the template files

I finally got it to work. I had to use the Transmit FTP app, because Filezilla and Cyberduck didn’t work. Thanks your help JaredS.