Tip with sale showing like double charge to customer

When a customer adds a tip with their credit card purchase, Wine-Direct authorizes the transaction and then captures the total payment so it appears like a double charge for the customer. Does anyone have a solution to avoid this?

No because all auths with a subsequent charge looks to us and debit card users like a double charge. But, did you also notice that in POS if a customer buys wine and pays for a tasting the % tip is calculating on the entire purchase, incl the higher priced wine bottles. I’m sure the customer is thinking they are tipping on the tasting service portion only. I would have to ring up separate orders and that’s not going to happen. I can’t say to the customer, ‘let me ring these both up separately so you can leave a tip’, right?

@lafrenzwinery - this is the intended behaviour of a POS checkout at this time. We put an Authorization as soon as the card is swiped for the amount in the cart. Then, the customer enters the tip and the sales rep will complete the order. The Authorization transaction is Captured then for the amount of the order plus tips. On the credit card side, the Authorization should be removed shortly. Although, the amount of time it takes for the Auth to be removed can vary based on card provider. These behaviours are industry standard for transactions that can change amounts due to Tips/Gratuities.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to customize this behaviour so it only performs one transaction at the end, once total and tips are calculated. If this is something you would like to see, we would encourage you to submit a Feature Request to our team here: https://documentation.vin65.com/News-Release/Request-a-Feature

Hope this helps and sorry for the current limitations

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Hey Nadine,

Great idea - I located the feature request on our ideas board - https://ideas.winedirect.com/ideas/POS-I-462

Please feel free to add comments and / or vote on it.

Thank you!

Product Manager, E-commerce