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Credit Card Tips on Free Tastings

I haven’t seen this question before, but we can’t be the only winery struggling with this.
We give members complimentary tastings. Unfortunately members don’t always leave tips for these tastings (bummer). So we’d like to be able to ring up the sale (which I’ve set up to zero-out for members) and be able to show the Tip line and have the member put the tip on their CC and sign. This accomplishes two things: 1. allows tips on CC, and 2. Shows the member the value of their tastings.

Right now because the charge is $0 it won’t offer the credit card signature screen with the tip line. Any ideas for how to do this? A creative work around?

Much appreciated!!!

Hi @laura_lowell - One idea is you could create a SKU for tips (and exempt it from taxes) and have your guests enter in their tip amount that way. Then they also see the value of the tasting.


That’s kind of a hack and introduces a number of needless reporting complexities. Seems like it would make more sense for WineDirect to actually develop the product.

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Thanks for the feedback! There is an idea for this in the Ideas Portal, which I encourage both of you to up-vote or share your comments on for our Product team to review:

You haven’t implemented any ideas from the idea portal for years. Perhaps you should shut it down if you don’t intend to earnestly use it.


Agree with this statement 100%!!

Also a hack but might work for you:

Charge $5 for the tasting but refund it on any purchase?