Top 5 Carrots

Hi there, what are some great carrots that you use for your POS to assist staff with upselling, club signups, etc.?

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That’s a great question to pose, Lindsay! A lot of which is going to depend on your winery’s sales tools.

We have $1 shipping once an order reaches a certain quantity threshold. So our POS carrots remind our (awesome, unrivaled) staff to nudge the customer when they’re close to getting it. We also have similar carrots about our Wine Club discounts and benefits, just to make sure they are on our sales team’s mind.

Beyond that, we have carrots that remind the team to get their email address and phone numbers. We have one to remind them to ask for referral information, so we can better understand our traffic sources. And finally, because we have multiple brands, a reminder to refer the guest to one of our sister properties.


Hi Ed!

Thank you for the info! We have our POS ask for email addresses but shipping carrots would be great! Plus, we have some specials occasionally so that would be helpful as well.

Is the $1 shipping just because it’s technically illegal to do free shipping?

Thank you so much!

I’m not a compliance expert, but, yes, essentially. Some states even require you collect tax on shipping charges (cough: Illinois), so our counsel recommended $1 as a reasonable way to comply and reduce our exposure.

Hi Ed, regarding your referral info carrot, where do you enter this information or do you record it outside WD.

The referral carrot we have apply only to POS orders, which is configurable in the carrot settings.

As for tracking referrals, there’s a lot of ways to skin that cat. You can use source codes, you can make $0 products, you can create sales attributes. We’ve tried a bunch and found that sales attributes worked best for our needs, but we only track a small group of referrers.

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