Notes in Club is Broken

This now has it’s own topic. This field either needs to not be customer visible at all, or only visible during initial signup, or we need to get a definite “somebody changed their club notes” either via email or via dashboard alert.

I just got another one of these. The customer wants to pause their membership. I only found the note because WD Fulfillment holds any orders with notes. That’s where I found it.

I would think I would have maybe gotten an Edit Club email for this, but I didn’t. And I can’t tell when she even did this.

Finding out that a customer needs something after I charge their order is no way to go through life, son!

Thanks for listening.

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Yes. This needs to go away. First, all notes areas should be time stamped and show who created them. But in this case, this field needs to go away because customers use it for all sorts of odd communications. We have phone numbers, emails, forms, etc. as ways our customers can communicate with us but this is a particularly bad way as you do not know when the note was created, do not know who created it, it is being used for all sorts of odd things, etc. We have notes and task areas in the system already and do not need this one. Our old system did have a shipper notes field and this was helpful but I am willing to just kill this one to avoid the problems. I run a report multiple times when getting ready for club processing and manually go in and kill these things all over the place.

I guess I should just add this to my already massive list of things to double check…

ElJefe, this is another area that is just too labor intensive to justify. I have a long checklist of everything I do around clubs as I am sure you do as well. This would be a simple one for Vin65 to either mask out or just turn off in their database.

This club notes field does way more harm then good. Please turn it off!

Please add your request to Support and perhaps we can get some movement on this. I don’t really see why this should be a difficult fix. Probably the best fix would be to make it optional during implementation. For those that want it, they can continue to use it but for the life of me I can’t see how anyone would want a notes field with no time stamp and no notification when it is updated and that can hold up shipments when you are order processing.

Hi Mark, how do you run this report? I’m trying to clean up the membership notes field before my next club run.

Thanks, Rachel

The club member report will get you what you need.

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Wine Direct: any plans for removing this “feature?” I can’t believe this hasn’t been addressed yet!

We face this obstacle as well. Customers add notes about wanting to pick-up, customizing their selections, cancelling their membership, or any other request at any odd time. We go through these often to clear them up, but it would be much more helpful if this was an internal note rather than a tool for members. There are several ways to reach out to our company regarding these requests, and this is just a messy one which often times results in poor customer service experience.

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