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Welcome to Onboarding!

Welcome to the Onboarding section of the WineDirect Community Forum. We’ve created this section to assist new clients with their site setup or when performing a new task for the first time.

As you begin to adopt the WineDirect Ecommerce software into different functions of your business, we want to provide you with a Category on the Community Forum where you can ask questions or for advice and receive insightful feedback from other WineDirect clients who have successfully implemented and now getting value out of our tools. The WineDirect Client Service and Onboarding team will also be keeping a close eye on these forums and ready to lend a helping hand.

Common Topics for Discussion:

Integrations – (Payment Gateway, ShipCompliant, Fulfillment, Reservations, Vintools etc)

Any questions, issues or feedback related to setting up integrations of 3rd party services to WineDirect Ecommerce. If you are encountering a snag while setting up Tock or unsure of how your Orders will flow from WineDirect to ShipCompliant to Fulfillment, please post your questions in this Category and we will be happy to help!

Content Editor – (Pages, Components, URLs, etc)

Questions such as how to implement certain designs in your Content or how to make changes to your website.

Store – (Products, Inventory, State Profile, Shipping, Clubs, Allocations, Promos, etc)

Create threads for any setup questions regarding your Store and how sales will be made in the Onboarding Category. If you are unsure on how to best configure your Inventory Pools based on your different inventory locations or how to best setup Clubs on WineDirect Ecommerce based on your club structure, share your questions here and we will look to provide some insights.

Contact – (List Builder/Contact Type, Email Documents, Action Emails, etc)

For setup questions regarding your Customer Relationship Management, Marketing and Communications efforts. If you are looking to setup automated emails or segment your customers based on characteristics or want to know how to best communicate with your Club Members during Club runs, we would recommend posting your questions here.

Settings – (Admin Users, Order/Payment Types, POS Profile, etc)

How to configure your winery’s WineDirect Ecommerce Settings. For questions like how to setup different access level/permissions for different Admin Users or which Payment Types will be available on your site.


Questions for new clients setting up a workflow for their Reporting/Accounting using WineDirect Ecommerce’s Reporting functionality. If you would like to know which Report Type to best use to obtain certain information your Accounting team needs, post your questions here and we can assist you.


Any other setup questions from new clients, which may not be covered in any of the sections above.

It would be great if the WD team was active here.

Thanks for the feedback @EdFarmCollective and sorry for the recent inactivity. I am back now and happy to help out whenever possible, especially with any setup questions on the new Onboarding category!