Corporate billing

Is there a way to charge one person for multiple orders so it comes in as one invoice? We are doing large corporate orders and one person needs to be charged for sometimes unto 100 orders and they don’t want the charges to come in one at a time?

Just to be sure, you want there to be one lump charge for all 100 orders, versus 100 individual charges? I’m not sure that is possible without doing it manually.

Yes we are charging companies and they want only 1 invoice rather than being charged 100 different times. Is there anyway to do that in WD? We’ve been charging our company card and then invoicing them later, but we’d rather not do that if there’s a better way. Sounds like maybe there isn’t

The only tool WineDirect has for this is the corporate order importer, which for compliance reasons individually processes and charges each individual order and then shoots out a summarized invoice.

It might be worth asking if these companies care about the individual charges or if they just need one lump invoice which you could theoretically mockup for them.

Otherwise, the only way to do what you want would be to manually calculate what all the individual orders would charge with their destination sales tax and shipping, run a transaction for that total, and then have your own accounting/compliance team amend the records in ShipCompliant and your books, which is kind of a mess.

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Thank you, appreciate this feedback

Are you 100% sure that’s how yours works? Our sends a single consolidated billing, but these do also show up in “payment” tab of a Corporate-processed order. In comparing the two, the transaction IDs with payment company are identical, but it is showing the full charge there as a single transaction. If you refund, quarantine orders, etc. there are some caveats but I think the “Coporate Order Processing” is sending as a single consolidated charge for credit card payments.

Oh really? Okay I have to figure that out. I didn’t realize It showed as one consolidated order. Thank you