Wine Club Limit Memberships

I am trying to find out an option to limit membership sign ups online. I know, right? We have an exclusive club that has a higher bottle option per quarter, and we are still a young winery, wanting to make sure we have enough wine to fill our club needs. In the meantime, I am having a hard time figuring out how to remove the “join now” option on our website. We don’t want to deactivate the club, as we have other active members. Any advise?

  1. Turn off “display on web”.

2a. It’s exclusive, sign them up via phone or a nice form.

2b. If they prefer to sign up online, have them sign up for a lesser club and upgrade them after.

Thank you for the feedback. I ended up turning the display off, and then creating a new “club” that is labeled as a wait list.

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Great idea!


so tell me about this? We are at capacity now with our memberships and have started a waitlist. How does this work and what do they do?