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Is there a way or can there be a way to add links in the Product Drilldown - Ratings?
We put the reviews we get from Media in our Blog and I would like to be able to list those reviews of a particular product with the actual product.

And while I’m there we would like to be able to put products mentioned in the review, like the recipes functionality.

This is great. In the product attributes it does give you the opportunity to add scores of some US reviewers, but I would like to be able to edit the list of reviewers. It would be nice to be able to edit the reviewer names that are relevant to the winery. I’d also like to see a text box where we could copy and paste the written reviews and format everything to make it look good.

Why Wine Advocate in the list and not Decanter?

Thank you!

Hi @AlexRusso, you can edit the names of reviewers at any time using the Resource Bundle. This feature allows you to customize how a particular word appears across your entire website. If you would like to have a text box to copy and paste in written reviews, you could use the Resource Bundle to change the text on a ‘Detail’ of the ‘Product Attributes’ and use those text boxes. Hopefully that feature works for you, if not - please feel free to post your Idea for review from our Product team!


I will try to find that today, can I call into the support line for help if I get stuck?

Thank you!

Alexander Russo
Direct to Consumer Manager
Interior/ Okanagan Accounts
Le Vieux Pin and LaStella Winery


It would be great if a change to these fields in resource bundle would be looked in admin panel. Otherwise it’s a memorizing game “Note to self: Stephen Tanzer in admin displays as”.

Absolutely! Let me know if its working out for you!

Right - that makes sense! I will add your comments to this Idea to be sure that this feedback is shared with our Product team.

Yes, It takes awhile for the server to cache these changes though. Do you find that?

If the changes you make in the Resource Bundle or Admin Panel are not reflected on your front-end, try updating the server by reloading it with this URL (specific to your wineries, of course):

It should update without intervention, but in the case that it not what you are experiencing, this solution should help!

I hear from a little birdy that a major third-party review platform will have a WineDirect integration in the next few months. I wouldn’t expect any major new development with WineDirect’s built-in system.

So glad to have found this thread. I was just working on changing a few of these same things, and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. Are you all saying that (for example) if I change “Connoisseurs Guide” in the resource bundle, to read “Jeb Dunnuck”, even though it still shows Connoisseurs Guide in the product page, the webpage will show Jeb Dunnuck? That doesn’t make much sense. Or are you saying it just takes a while for the system to reflect the change in both the product page and the webpage? There’s not a chance in hell I am going to remember that Connoisseurs Guide is actually Jeb Dunnuck every time I am adding a product.

Hi @lisa1 - after you modify the translation using the Resource Bundle, your public facing website will reflect those changes, but it may take up to 24 hours for those changes to reflect. The Product Page on the Admin Panel will continue to reflect what was originally there (in your example, Connoisseurs’ Guide).