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Using Wine Product General Attributes

When you use a web application/platform for a long time it’s easy to just get used to it and forget the things that you pondered when you first started using it. I wanted to revisit one of mine and see if I’m missing something.

Every time I set up a product I am putting in all kinds of attributes that get displayed in either a product listing page or a product drilldown page. They are also useful in things like filtering in reports, etc.

However, whenever I want new store pages on my website, I usually just go to the content editor and handle this using the page heirarchy and setups there. That is great when I want to make email campaign landing pages and whatnot where the wines included are not necessarily already a product attribute, or where I want only to include a subset of what is an existing attribute. For example I want to put 10 red wines on a page (not all of them). Or I want to put wines from multiple AVAs on a single landing page.

However, let’s say I want to expand the shopping options on a website, and I do want to include every product that is active and displayed that contains the various General attributes that I set up with each new product.

Can anyone guide me on the best way to do this, if there is a way other than using new pages in the content editor?

Example: I want you to shop red wines, white wines, or sparkling wines. I want you to be able to shop by AVA or region, etc. etc. But I don’t want to have to open product records and categorize them because technically I already have by giving them the attributes.

Is there a way to do this easily by using the attributes that already exist in the “Manage General” tab of a product? Or do I really have to create a new page under the ‘shop’ page and categorize the products? I feel like there should be pre-existing 'component’s or something for this kind of thing. Or that there should be a “Add to product category” feature that lets you choose criteria, filter, etc. on fields of the product and add them en masse. Kind of like adding wines to a promotion that is on “Select wines” but more robust.



Did you ever get an answer to this? Exactly what I was wondering about (in our case a page highlighting current year releases).

I think all you can do is to think of a Product Group as its own attribute. So for example you create a group for Rhône varietals and add them to the group as you create the product. But it’s a manual process…