Adding Service Fee/Charge

Is there a way to apply an automatic ‘service fee’ to all orders based on the subtotal of the order?

It seems like it would be an easy function to create.

Or does anyone have any suggestions on how to apply something like this without having to manually calculate the amount per order and adding it as an item on the order?

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Try playing with the handling fee function in the state profile settings. I’ve not used it myself, but it seems like it would do what you are asking.

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Thanks for the suggestion! It’s getting closer to what we were looking for. We’d just need more options on it. Handling lets you apply the rate to either all Wine or Products. Ideally we’ll like to have the option to have some of those items not included in the calculation. Also be able to apply the handling/service fee to certain departments or profiles.We wouldn’t want the fee to show up on our distributor department/profile for example.

There’s probably not a huge demand for such features, but you can try posting your idea at Winedirect Ideas for consideration in future update. I wouldn’t hold your breath, but it’s worth a shot!

Yeah, not sure exactly what you are trying to implement @811 but you might just want to incorporate that into the price of your items. Extra fees don’t look good and your customers will notice that most other places don’t charge them.

I think this would be a great feature. While we allow tipping, I would love to implement a small service charge (2-3%) which we could use to purchase health insurance for our staff. Restaurants which have implemented similar schemes find customers are very accepting as long as it is clearly commented that the funds go to helping the staff rather than to the company.