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Trying to create a place for food to go on website and upload products

Hey Sara, there are a bunch of different ways to display categories on a WD site frontend. What are you trying to do?

WD’s native website categories automatically create child product list pages, so that’s one of the simplest ways to sort products. You make them by adding child pages to your Wines page in the Content Editor, and then they’ll show up as categories in the product pages. When I set them up for clients, they often end up looking something like this:
Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 5.01.52 PM
with this being the view inside the store > products > [product]:

If you want to feature a “food” category you can definitely do so, but keep in mind that unless you’re a developer (willing and able to create customizations) your food category list and drilldown product pages will use the same templates as your wines. Depending on your site, this may or may not matter.

I am trying to create a food category on the main menu bar that lists some choc that we have as products. How do I make it so that the products go into the category. They are currently listed in Our wines, but we want them off of there and in their own food category? There is no categories set up, only shop wines and merchandise ?

thank you

Sounds like you need to create a new category and then you can assign the chocolate products to it.

WineDirect needs automatic collections/categories like Shopify has.

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