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Address Change for Club Shipment

We are getting ready to announce our upcoming wine club shipment. I am anticipating many members needing to change their delivery addresses due to “working from home”. We use User Choice, so I’m curious if when members update their shipping address through that system, is the address only connected to that particular order, or does that change their default shipping address for any future shipments as well? I believe it changes their default address, so am wondering if anyone has a suggestion to temporarily change the delivery address without having to go into each member individually to update manually.
Thank you for any suggestions you might have.

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Hi Monique,

Your instincts are spot-on. For once in life, most of your members will actually be home for their shipments and a large portion of them will need to temporarily update their membership address.

You are also correct that when they go to update their account themselves it will permanently update their shipping address and the only way to reverse it is to either have them do it before the next shipment of for you to do it manually.

WineDirect doesn’t have temporary or seasonal address preferences (@Nelson @Jan.Carter this is a good idea), so you’re likely going to have to do a lot yourself. There are various ways to skin this cat. You can use tasks and notes to remind yourself. Or you can keep a spreadsheet that lists the member and the address you need to revert shipments back to. But you’ll have to do a bunch of the work yourself.

You’re probably already on top of it, but another piece of advice is to communicate prominently, and repeatedly, that you can easily ship their wines to a home address and provide them different options to notify you prior to shipments. You’ll still get a ton of redirect requests once they ship, but do your best to minimize them as much as possible.

Good luck!

Hi Ed,

Thank you for your input and suggestions. I was hoping I was wrong, but I’ve got the spreadsheet ready to go and will just need to expect the redirects. Thanks again.

We created a short form (not tied to contact) that collects the responses, and specifically asks if it’s a permanent change or just for this shipment. You can download all of the responses through Reports. And then of course it’s all manual from there. But at least the capture is pretty easy for the customer and hopefully will prevent a lot of confusion and troubles the next time around.

Tanya, the form is a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion!