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Anyone know if it’s possible to use the 2 up story page layout and have more than 7 rows (so 14 products) on the one page? It creates a second page after the 7th row/14th product. I want to be able to display all products on the one page but not change to the 3up layout, because I want the details about the wine (more than a couple of sentences) to be displayed on the main shop page. Anyone know if there is a way to set this layout up? thanks,

Like this?

The maximum number of products to be displayed on one page is set under Settings > Website Settings > Product tab > Layouts > 2Up. If you just want all of them to display at once, the number can just be adjusted to something high that won’t be reached.

Hi Andrea, So I changed it to 1000 and it still is only showing 7 rows. Is there something else I need to check?
thanks, Bettina

Yes, like that as I see they have 9 rows. I changed it as Andrea had suggested, making the max rows on 2up 1000, but it did nothing. Do I need to check some other box?
thanks, Bettina

Would you mind linking your site?

Thanks but I got it sorted out. I do have a different question for you though. Is there a simple thing I need to do to add a nav bar to the shop front page? I want to add a Large Format tab to it so people can see they are available instead of just finding it if they hover over the Shop wine nav tab. Here is the site
I eventually want to put a number of tabs (just text) just above the first product to the left, such as Large Format, Cabernet, Chardonnay etc for people to easily navigate themselves to those product pages. They will still be on the All page, but want to build separate pages like I have with the Large Format page. But I just want people to be able to see this on the main shop page. Thanks for ALLLL your help, always I have a question!!

If you just want to add links to the top of your front shop page, that should be pretty easy. Easiest way would be to add HTML code in the Wines page through Content Editor, but you could also pull this off with CSS or Javascript.

Thanks, I took the easy option and did it on Content editor. I love it when there is an easy option that is still acceptable…Thanks again

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How did you activate the change to allow more products to display? I did the same as you – made the change in website settings, clicked “apply changes” – but nothing changed on our website.

Figured it out – I had to clear the website cache and the page now shows the number of products correctly.