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Club emails in relation to unsubscribe

I am trying to understand how emails are handled for club members. I read this to get an understanding of email statues: Vin65 Documentation - Contacts - Email Documents - Email Statuses

I use my club communications mostly as a way to notify them about about upcoming shipments so they know what to expect, update shipping/billing information etc. I’ve received emails from customers that they are not receiving those emails along with system notifications like expired credit cards and declined club orders. I noticed all of these customers are also “unsubscribed”.

Will people who are part of the a club and unsubscribed not receive any emails outside of order confirmations? If so, is there a way to send these customers emails pertaining only to club shipments if they agree to it as part of their membership if they unsubscribed from newsletters?

If a contact has unsubscribed, they will still receive transactional emails like receipts, shipping emails, and Wine Club notifications so as long as you send them through the proper tools. For instance, you have to send Wine Club notifications out of the batch processing tool.

If your customers are still not receiving the messages, that may be a deliverability issue. Please assure you have set up your SPF and DMARC with WineDirect and that your domain reputation is good.

Thanks Ed! Can you elaborate on the batch processing tool? Is it this tool here?

Yep, that’s it. You should be gucci.

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