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User Choice 'Club Price'?

Hi all,

We currently utilize User Choice Clubs and we noticed that an update is showing the column that is the ‘Club Price’ but it is showing the retail price and not the club price and it is not editable. Not sure what to do, we currently put the club pricing in the teaser but understand how confusing it may be for the customer now…any insight?

This is a great new feature and should save us plenty of time. Just go up to the top and enter in a Club Promo at whatever your discount rate is and it will automatically apply to SKUs when you add them. Neat, huh?


Oh, and there is full documentation here:

EdFarmCollective thank you so much! Super helpful and should save our team time!

super excited to have these changes! :slight_smile:

Anyone know how can i get coupled promos to work on the Club Promo? We have a set discount off our range but 1 wine that has a flat members price? How can i get this to work? Currently they are coupled promos that work togethe for each lcub levle.

Also with adding a new season on exisitng clubs in the future, how can i carry over their choices? will i have to export choices from the old season and import into the new one?

and can you change the layout of the products? mine all show listed down in a single line… would be nicer to show like they do on product pages?

That’s probably a use-case they haven’t addressed yet. Since it’s in beta still, you could potentially ask them to revert back to the old tool. Another hack would be to take that special wine of yours, nest the SKU in a bundle SKU and change the price on that bundle SKU so that it calculates out to the correct price.

Happy to see this thread! Thank you @EdFarmCollective

@jennanash123 I received your email and replied to you there also. At this point the functionality doesn’t include promo coupling. It is simply applying the % of the single promo selected in the club. We wanted to address the majority of wineries out of the gate and impact these next set of upcoming seasons, so this was the simplest route to achieve that.

For your second post, we are working on a few adjustments to the layout that could resolve that, as the intention is to display 2 columns. Once they are up in the next business day or two, I will confirm with you.


thanks! WD have been in touch too. Bundle is a good idea to get me through for now. if i cant set the price on this wine correct then i may aswell not even use the new tool. Have been waiting for this functionalty so keen to use it though!

thank you :slight_smile: