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Club Processing - Pickup Orders flowing to ShipCompliant

Hi all,

I’m reaching out here to find out how others are handling club pickup orders. We just ran our first Club run and are seeing all of the shipping and pickup orders hit ShipCompliant . I know that for tasting room sales I can turn off pickup orders from going to ShipCompliant from the POS Profile, but I don’t see a similar setting for Club runs. This is causing a headache for our compliance and shipping people who are used to only seeing shipping orders show up in ShipCompliant.

Am I missing something here? Any creative solutions?

You can really easily exclude PIC orders in ShipCompliant. Maybe just have your people do that?

we are having this too. with all pos stuff. can anyone help?
what does PIC mean?

PIC is pickup orders in shipcompliant. If you are seeing all POS orders flow to shipCompliant you probably need to go into your pos profile for the room and change the Compliance setting to: Ship Orders Only. This setting will prevent in room sales from flowing to ShipCompliant.

How do you run accurate reports, for example sales tax, on ShipCompliant for all your sales if you exclude pickup orders? Or do you not run sales tax reports through ShipCompliant?

Some wineries will pull this from ShipCompliant, and hence want their pickup orders to flow through. Some people pull it from Vin65, and hence don’t push pickup orders through. I’d talk to your finance and compliance departments and see what they want before anything.

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Not sure if you would know the answer to this, but our pickup orders go over to ShipCompliant as “Sent To Fulfillment” and never change to “Shipped,” since pickup orders are not actually shipped, unless we change them manually. Because of this our pickup orders are not included in ShipCompliant’s sales tax reports unless we manually change the status of our pickup orders. Is there any way to have ShipCompliant automatically include or change the status of these pickup orders?

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I am curious to know if you ever found a work around. We are facing the same issue