Club Shipping Strategy Default

When adding new club members, the system is defaulting to “Ship to Self”. Is there a way to have it default to “Pick-Up” so at billing local members aren’t accidentally charged shipping? I’ve looked around in the forum and haven’t dug up an answer.

You are right, the default should be pickup - would love to have WineDirect make this change.

Hi Tom,

If you have pickups enabled for clubs, when signing up via the website, admin panel or POS, by default ship to self/billing will be selected by the system. However, there should be a drop down that allows you if signing them up internally to make this change or externally via the website to select pickup as long as pickup locations have been pre-configured and pickups are an option for the club in question.

If you would like to see a change in this functionality, we recommend submitting a feature enhancement idea at



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