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Conditional (dynamic) pricing not working

Very disappointed with the conditional pricing feature. When it’s on the price of our products will change intermittently. For example a wine that normally sells for $90 a bottle will change to $19 a bottle. WD have been investigating for 4 months!! Can’t use the feature as our customer’s are confused and frustrated.

I just looked at documentation page and that indicates this feature is a beta product right now and not fully released. Is that right?


I’m not sure. wd advised it’s working fine… however it’s not.

Dynamic Pricing is currently available for Beta testing with our Early Adopter Program.

From the documentation.

Edit: from the Beta Signup page you presumably signed up for this feature from:

Joining the program is a commitment: the features and products in Alpha and/or Beta are not polished, which means you may encounter some bugs along the way. You’ll play an important role in helping us find and fix bugs, improve UI and ensure everything runs smoothly before formal launch. And best of all, you get to help influence the direction of the platform.

If you’re going to participate in this program, sounds like you need to start finding a way to reproduce the bug you’re encountering and report it to Wine Direct. If you’re not willing to do this, you might want to reconsider being part of the Beta program.


Hey Leo,

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble with dynamic pricing. As an Early Adopter, you can request that we turn off beta features like this one, if you notice a bug. Your feedback during testing phases is critical as we prepare new features for launch.

Since this bug is an anomaly, it’s difficult to diagnose. We have about 60 other wineries testing it and none have experienced this. However, we’re devoting more resources to identifying the cause of the bug in hopes of fixing it for you.

Our development team works in two-week cycles. If we are able to identify the problem, we should have a fix for you in the next cycle or so. We will have more information after investigating further, but I do want you to know that our team is working to resolve this for you. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Hi. I thought your team were going to test our site (according to Janne). We have been live now for nearly six months and we were sold on the fact we could have this functioning. I don’t understand why is taking so long, it’s a fundamental reason why we went with WD.


Thanks, leo

Hey Leo,

I am going to reach out to you separately via email, lets chat more about this.

Thank you,