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Contact Emails - Can you have more than one linked to a contact?

Is there a way to enable having more than one email linked to a contact.

Example: If both husband and wife would like to receives club emails.

We find that this causes extra work that shouldn’t be necessary. “Having to switch the email and resend the documents”.

Please advise :slight_smile:

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Oft requested, please keep requesting. Having two emails addresses available would certainly improve communications and retention, and fewer p*ssed off customers who didn’t “get the memo” in time. Definitely a “sell more wine” feature.

I can’t even imagine switching emails like that, I could easily spend a whole day doing that!


Thank you, I will.

This would also come in handy with gift memberships. So the person paying can receive the billing information, and the recipient can receive all the normal emails. Its a request that we get quite often.

I will defiantly put in a request!

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NB: This is the second post about this this week…

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