Customer Email Confirmation not being sent through admin panel

When I am processing an order through the admin panel, the order confirmation is not being sent to the customer? We have not made any changes on our end. What would be causing this?

When I manually re-send the confirmation it works.

Hi @jessica3 - in general, Admin Panel orders should send a confirmation. When placing the transaction in the Admin Panel, there are checkboxes in the Review tab which determines if an Order Confirmation will be sent or not. These checkboxes are checked by default.

We’d recommend reaching out to the support team with the order number(s) that you processed where no email was sent when it should have. We would be happy to troubleshoot this further.


Thank you.

Turns out there was a bug in the system. Should be fixed now!


It’s happening again… out of the blue the last three web orders aren’t sending me admin emails notifying me of the sales.

Hi @eifrigcellars - We are checking to see if there is a known issue. In the meantime, please email with the Order Numbers for which the emails did not come through so they can look into this for you. We would be happy to troubleshoot this further.


Hi @eifrigcellars, I am glad that our support team was able to resolve this issue for you. If if this issue occurs again, and you find that you have stopped receiving notifications, please reach out to and we can clear the bounce in our server.