Delay individual club shipments

I am wondering how everyone else handles individual shipment delay requests when they process their clubs?

We typically process those requests in individual orders, then place that customer on hold for the club run. If we receive the request after we process, then we check to see if the green pencil allows us to edit (if it has been quarantined for instance), or cancel and re-ring it, or keep a list to modify the wsn, or if wsn has already been sent, then we email our fulfillment company.

If we set up club the club shipment and created the orders early, would adjusting the ship date before processing in October in the individual order work? Could we continue to cancel and hold and modify shipping address in customers accounts and have them apply to those orders also before processing, or would that have to be done in the individual order as well?

Thanks for any help!

I run club orders for requested shipping dates in club processing, before I run all the “standard” orders. You don’t have to run them outside club processing. Just click the green pencil next to the shipping cost and enter a date. Then click Process while you are still looking at the order (important).

Note that this edit only lasts as long as you are looking at the order. Once you close that order window it is lost. If the card declines, click the Skip button so you don’t run it by accident with the other orders, and come back to try later.

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