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Updating product page layout

I have changed the class of the navigation to extend full page width on all the vin65html files and parsed the files through the designer launch tools however the product pages have not picked up these changes where full-width and other pages have. How do I properly update product page html? Do these pages not use product.htm and product-drilldown.htm? Both of these have been updated on the server.

Anyone have some insight you can share?

By default, the product pages usually use the product.htm template, but they can use whatever template you parse in Settings > Designer Launch. If you go to the Designer Launch settings and look at the lower part of the dialog box, you can see which templates have been parsed for each type of page. Note that they will have a filename suffix of .cfm rather than .htm, but the first part of the filename will be the same.

Also note that you can parse different templates for the product listing page vs. the product drilldown page, so you’ll have to make sure you have made your navigation changes to all the template files you are currently using throughout the site.