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Do any system emails go to 'ship to email' address?

Specifically, does the “Your order has shipped” email get sent to the email address in the ‘bill to’ or ‘ship to’?

The email is sent to the ‘bill to’ email address.

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Thanks Brent. Super fast response is much appreciated!

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So - just to be complete - it would seem from the docs that the only purpose of the email in the shipping address is to populate a required field?

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Ship To email, for all intents and purposes, is worthless. Would like an option to use it for things like tracking emails on an order by order basis.

That would be fabulous. Then both spouses could get emails, as we are constantly asked to do.

Then maybe also we could get the sent-to email in the Manage Emails. Heart be still.

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Gift Card system email comes to mind. Not sure of any others that go to the ship email, though.

Y’all should look into that, since like, it’s a pretty glaring UI discrepancy between what the user (us and customers) may expect and what will actually happen.


How often do/does ‘householding’ emails get requested? Out of 100?

I think that a person ordering always wants to know when their order has shipped. I think because of wine and the 21+ signature requirement, the ‘ship to email’ would benefit from a notification as well. I think that even if it’s a gift, it’s still good to let the recipient know a package is coming.

Maybe two system emails for shipping:
Your Order Has Shipped - Always goes out to ‘bill to’. Thanks them for their order and lets them know that if they put in a different ‘ship to’ email, that person is also being notified.

An Order Has Shipped To you - Goes out whenever ‘ship to’ email exists and differs from ‘bill to email’. It tells them that an order has been shipped to x location and requires a 21+ signature, but doesn’t tell them what’s in it. Then you can do things if you want to also try to incentivize them joining your mailing list, shopping online, etc. etc.


I suspect we could see up to 10% of our customers take advantage of dual emails. Of course, if I sent out an email announcing that this feature is now available, what are the chances the right spouse will see it to act on it? :wink:


Thanks for the guesstimate.

That email announcement for a new email feature to the right spouse is a mind warp. I love it.

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Has the email direction changed and now being sent to the email address in the shipping information?

I have noticed several giftees responding to the shipping email this season after a gift has been shipped to them… Anyone else experiencing this?

I haven’t seen this. But I am seeing an increase in the number of gift recipients editing shipments with Fedex or UPS (through their own portal and it telling them a package is headed to their address), and it often confused the buy who gets bombarded with emails or texts about changes to the shipping.

We’ve been getting responses to the automated emails being sent, and the responses are coming directly from the gift recipient.

Are they for wine purchases of virtual gift card purchases?

Bottles of wine.

Here’s WineDirect’s response:

The only times the ship to email address is used is when event tickets and gift cards are purchased. It wouldn’t be used to sent the order confirmation emails. Maybe the one customer was CCed in the replies

I would ask who is your fulfillment partner and is it possible that they are sending separate shipping emails that are not coming from WineDirect’s system?

It is unfortunate that the recipient email field is not mandatory. Frequently it is left blank and the gift code is not received by anyone.
We use the additional delivery tools in ShipCompliant. All tracking notices only go to the recipient (if provided), and it is rare the purchaser asks for tracking. The tool has reduced our return rate, and instead of getting “exceptions” for everything, the notices are specific “Your package is held for pick up”.

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Just today, we received an email from the recipient replying to the “Your Order Has Shipped” confirmation that was sent out of WineDirect’s automated system… It was a website order and the purchaser put all of the recipient’s information (including email address) in the shipping info.

Can WineDirect please clarify if the shipping email address is used? I have it in print saying that it is not, but things seem to have changed.

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