Ftp image upload error/security

We’ve always been able to manually upload product images via ftp to overwrite images with the same name on Wine Direct, but recently when we go to upload, we see an error message stating “Couldn’t get remote handle. Make sure you have permission to modify this file.”

Has Wine Direct modified the permissions for the files in the …/assets/images/products/ subfolders? If so, could you change them back?

I know these images are dynamically generated on client image upload and they’re meant to be smaller file sizes, but in practice they’re usually both larger in terms of kbs and worse in terms of image quality than the files we export, so we prefer to overwrite them.

For an example of why we want to overwrite product images, here’s a link to a large bottle shot uploaded by our client into wine direct, in their large product image assets folder … It’s 701 kb.

Here’s a link to the original version of that same file that was uploaded via the Wine Direct cms, it’s 251 kb. In this case the file increased in size 179% :grimacing:

I ran into this too. I suspect it coincided with the launch of their new product tools. It’s a bummer as the FTP method was way more efficient.

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Thanks for confirming it wasn’t just us. I’m bummed I never got a response this from the team :cry:

I’m with you, I suspect a number of (perceived) small things were changed when the new product tools became the default.

I’m a big advocate for Wine Direct — I’ve instigated and overseen clients moving from other platforms to Wine Direct — but I tell people upfront that there are ongoing issues with transparency. It’s not malicious on the team’s part, I’m sure, but I wish there was a detailed changelog in addition to the more PR-esque “update announcements.”

Hi @harry and @Lindsays_Doing_Wine,

The FTP was not affected with the launch of the new product tools. Sorry that you’re both experiencing issues! Would you be able to contact support@winedirect.com with some more information on the specific website that’s giving you the error?

@Lindsays_Doing_Wine - If you still haven’t received a response on that ticket please message me the # and I’ll follow up with the team.