Product Photos Disappearing when editing products

When I open a product that already has an image, then ‘save’ the product, I am immediately prompted with the message ‘There was an error uploading your photo’ – and the picture of the product is removed.


Hey Bobby, we had the same thing happen in the new Products UI. Wiped out all of our images. Perhaps something @katie.spires @Jan.Carter and @Andrea should know about.

Hi Ed -

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry you lost all your images.

I was contacted by the WineDirect Support Team this afternoon. They are aware of the problem and recommended that we use the old Product UI. The Old Product UI via the button with a left-pointing arrow and clicking ‘Old Experience’ in the bottom-left corner of your top-level product page.

I don’t know why they would leave the link to encouraging people to Try the New UI, when such it has such a significant bug. They also quoted a 6-8 week estimated turnaround for the fix to the New UI.

Hey Ed,

Thanks for the tag - we are actively working to resolve the issue. I have a developer on it right now and we have identified the problem. We also have this up as a pendo message when you login - please check for updates as we work through this.

The work around is to use the legacy user interface temporarily.

Apologies for that! Hoping to get a fix up ASAP.

Hi Bobby,

Apologies - from time to time we break things accidentally over here on the product and development team. This was a bug that was likely introduced on Friday but we didnt realize it was a new bug until about midday today. Our team was chasing down a different minor issue with product images, so when we got a report of this over the weekend we thought it was the same ongoing issue (this old issue has since been resolved also).

As we make other fixes and improvements, we do our best to not break anything but it does happen and we try to be transparent about it. This issue was highlighted around noon today and we started looking into it around 1PM. CS escalated the issue around 3:45PM and we added in app messaging and updated the status page in order to make sure wineries know what is happening.

Sometimes before we realize the severity of an issue, CS will give a general estimate for bug fixes. As severity increases on a bug, we prioritize these bugs higher. For example, as soon as we replicated this, realized the impact to the customer and that it was affecting all customers, we began work on this right away.

We need users (like you!) to actively try out the updated UI so that they can provide valuable feedback to our teams to ultimately improve the product for you and our users. Ask Ed about this, he loves to give us feedback :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! We will have a fix out for this ASAP. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie, for your prompt response which is thorough and clear.

  • Bobby

Hello @EdFarmCollective and @bobbygullett,

Just wanted to let you know our developer Diego and QA Jimmy resolved this last night around 1am.

Have a great week!

Thanks, @katie.spires, for the update and quick resolution.