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Glitches with LTV and Last Order Date information?

Is anyone else experiencing glitches with your LTV and Last Order Date information? For about a month now the information that is listed in Reports and the Contact General Information page has been glitching for us and I’m curious if anyone else is having problems with this? Mostly all of our customer’s have incorrect information displayed in Reports or their Contact General Information page, but then when you look at their Store you can see that they have ordered more recent than what is being reported (ie: the reports are reading that they purchased years ago, however they just purchased 2 weeks ago and/or all throughout 2019). Has anyone else been experiencing this glitch?

Hey Katie. Yes, this is broken. LTV, Last Order Date and Contact Status are all broken. WineDirect hasn’t fixed this or addressed it publicly, so I guess that’s that.

Hoping for a more transparent WineDirect in 2020.


Hi Ed! I have a ticket out to them, but I wasn’t sure how widespread the glitch was. It sounds like it’s pretty major :frowning: I’m a bit disappointed that it’s been broken for quite some time now and for so many people/clients. LTV and Last Order Date are tools that I use fairly often, especially this time of year. I hope it gets fixed soon for all of our sake.

I don’t know if Santa is accepting any belated requests, but maybe it’s worth a try lol.

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Yes I have experienced this as well. I was advised by wine direct that they turned OFF the LTV option over black friday weekend as it was creating many glitches for customers ordering wine online.
Since then, it seems to be working better, as does the contact status.
I have requested that if any wine direct options are turned off again to notify users, as this was our fiscal year end and it created lots of reporting issues as we were not made aware of it.
I hope it is working better for you since then!