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Help Me Understand Relationship with CSS, SCSS, Scripts

I spent a day updating screen.min.css with fonts, button colors, etc, and everything looks great. Come into the office the next day and all those CSS changes reverted back to the original. :hushed:

What would cause this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what would cause your css file to change without any external intervention. That said, it’s best practice not to directly edit screen.min.css, but to edit the scss files and compile them into screen.min.css. Of course, this requires some knowledge of Sass and a preprocessor to compile it.

As far as I know, WineDirect doesn’t automatically compile scss files, which is why I don’t know how your screen.min.css file changed.

@bthomas That’s odd. Is there a chance there are two developers within the development space? Go to /settings/users/ftp accounts/ to be sure.

I’ve worked with most of the WineDirect and Vintools templates and I prefer to edit SCSS files rather than raw CSS. Not every designer or developer is comfortable working in SCSS though.

Also look at the footer to see who’s developed the template you’re starting with. For example, if it’s a Vintools template connect with @JaredS and he’ll give you some tips on how to work within it.