Issue w v65:product:photos

Hi @Andrea, savior, friend:

We’re having a problem with the v65:product:photos tag output.

My understanding is, the <v65:product:photos></v65:product:photos> tag is meant to be used in conjunction with <v65:product:photo></v65:product:photo> to show one big product image + small secondary images that take over the big image slot when clicked.

I can see Wine Direct’s js firing when those secondary images are clicked, but there’s an error:

Uncaught TypeError: lastFocus.focus is not a function
at Object.closeWindow (vin65.js?timestamp=20180621:formatted:910)
at :1:13

Here’s a quick screencast showing the error on mouse click (look at the changing code in developer tools).

The <v65:product:photos></v65:product:photos> images are showing up in the modal as desired, but they’re not showing up in the main image space.

ps I have modified the styling of the Wine Direct modal pretty heavily (as you can see in the screencast) but the functionality hasn’t been altered.

Hey @Lindsays_Doing_Wine,

You’re correct that <v65:product:photos></v65:product:photos> and <v65:product:photo></v65:product:photo> are intended to be used together.

I have them both added here and they seem to be functioning correctly.

Is it possible that there is another error on the page that’s causing the photo code to error?

There’s no other error, but I’m not convinced there’s not a conflict. I’m hunting, and I’ll be back if there are any developments.