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Magtek iPad Swiper - not reading cards

We’re in the process of going live with Wine Direct and experiencing significant issues with two Magtek cDynamo iPad enclosures with the credit card swiper on the side. When a card is swiped it does not recognize it in the POS app. Various solutions seem to work, however, none of them work consistently and these solutions shouldn’t be required for every second transaction:

  1. clearing the cart and restarting the transaction
  2. logging out of the POS and re-entering the order
  3. closing the POS app and restarting
  4. #3 plus running the magtek test application
  5. turning off the iPad

Any help that can be provided on these issues are greatly appreciated!

@magtek; @cDynamo

We also have that issue. It also affects charging. From my time with support, I have learned that this is an issue with iOS.

It seems to be a security feature in iOS, that disables USB devices when the device is idle. It’s supposed to reconnect when unlocked, but that doesn’t always happen. I was told this will be fixed in an upcoming iOS update. This was at least 6 months ago.

Our temporary fix is to reboot the iPad. That almost always fixes the problem. Also, setting auto-lock to “Never” helps prevent this from occurring, though it does still occur occasionally.

We had similar issues. We discover two things that has helped…almost 100%. Always boot (turn on) the ipad with the reader attached. We deal with this due to the charging process. The ipad seems to charge faster and more reliably with the apple charger.

As for the 2nd fix, turn your Auto-Lock aka ‘Screen Saver’ to NEVER. It seem that the ipad looses connectivity to these devices when it locks the screen or goes to sleep for saving power.

Sheesh. I tried to search these failures. We too, are experiencing this on the iDynamo.

But we also have bigger problems losing connectivity to the printer and cash drawer.

I just posted something similar as a separate thread since during my searches, I did not encounter this original post.
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Hi guys. Over the last couple months we have been experiencing a LOT of problems with our iPad POS machines.

  1. The iPad goes to sleep. You tap the home button to resume, but the printer (and therefore) the cash register are unavailable. If you tap “open cash drawer” the app locks up and you must crash and restart.

  2. Again, the iPad goes to sleep, and sometimes it does not go to sleep. But you are working the sale with the customer. If you do not MAKE ABSOULTELY sure you see the “open cash drawer”, and click print receipt, it will try to airprint to the network printer.

(The above to related???)

Third problem is the iDynamo reader disconnects after every two to three swipes. We have to “reload POS” with the iDynamo removed and insert it as the page is reloading. This becomes a real problem and a very big delay closing a transaction.

Does anybody else see this behavior as an issue?


We have also been dealing with this, starting around a month after we purchased the Idynamo’s and have suffered through the issues for over 2 years now. Rebooting the ipads typically help and I’ve noticed that we have a stretch of good behavior from them once an ios update is applied. Unfortunately no real solution just yet. Would love to hear tips from anyone who has experienced good luck with theirs!

@jamie1 and @WilhelmVineyards

This is a known issue with iOS and the Magtek devices. Magtek support and Wine Direct Payments support has confirmed this issue multiple times with me.

It’s been at least two years since they have acknowledged this issue and I haven’t seen any resolution.

So far, the best ways to manage the issue is to reboot the iPad when this occurs. To reduce the chances of it occurring, set auto-lock to “never.”

I contacted Wine Direct Payments today (a lovely experience, thank you Lexi!) and there is an additional step you can take to re-enable connection if lost:

  • Download the Magtek Test App on the App Store
  • Open the App and click the “Connect” button\
  • Open Wine Direct and your swipe should work!

Apparently the test app forces a connection when lost, without having to reboot the iPad.

Hope this helps someone!