Anyone else having POS issues?

Haven’t been able to get support on the phone yet and we’ve been unable to login to the POS from ANY machine - Chrome on macOS, Chrome Canary on Windows, and the iPad app are all giving us an error when we try to login. We’ve cleared cookies and cache. The site shows all green lights. And the admin panel seems so far fully functional. So I’m at a loss and wondering if anyone else out there is experiencing the same thing.

Anyone at Vin65 wanna chime in? The guy who responded to our support ticket didn’t even read it and gave us a canned response and can’t get anyone on the phone, so we’re not too pleased right now.

~ Chris Knox,
web | data | design
Fess Parker Enterprises

Did you ever get a response to this? We are now having that same issue and can’t get any assistance.

Rebecca Nelson
Becker Vineyards

Hi Everyone,

We were experiencing service issues on our end, everything is working now. Do let us know if you continue to experience login issues. Again, sorry for the disruption.

Kindest Regards,


Today it’s our turn. For the last dozen transactions the MagTek iDynamo readers (we have three) are not reading the cards in the POS app. However, when i use the MagTek diagnostic app, i can see it is reading the card…

What i also heard is that a restaurant up the street is experiencing an inability to read cards as well. But they are a windows-based POS called Aloha.