Multiple pickup locations for club shipment

We have been doing club shipments with three different pickup options. I did not realize till this shipment that my servers and tasting room managers have no idea which location the person is supposed to be picking up their shipment.

We already keep all of our inventory in a system outside of WineDirect because WineDirect can not handle multiple locations for Club shipments.

But I would at least like for the WineDirect system to let us know if a customer is messing up our planning by picking up their wine at the wrong location. We just have bottles disappear out of inventory at a location.

Lack of support for multiple location may be the reason that we look at other winery software.

But does anyone have some good advice for a work around without having the servers have to take 5 to 10 minutes to dig really deep into the POS to find out if the customers pickup location matches up with their asking for their wine?