Pulling wine club bottles from different inventories

I understand that we can pull inventory from one inventory location for pickup and a different one for shipping, but does anyone have an answer for when you have multiple locations that the customer is allowed to pickup from?

WineDirect allows the customer to choose their pickup location, so that information is in the system for each club member. I am hoping that WineDirect will add update their software to allow for this. I saw another software last week that does allow this.

In the mean time, does anyone have a solution other than manually going back and taking the inventory out?


We deal with the exact same thing for our club. We have 3 different tasting room locations our members can pick up from and of course we ship as well.

How we have ended up running the club is running each club, by each location individually. So we are manually adding each member to the appropriate tasting room location/Club run the club member is supposed to pick up from.

Is this extremely time consuming? Yes, it can be for one person, so we have each of our location managers process each of their locations so its manageable.

I also hope to see an update in the future, but for now this works.

Thanks for sharing, I have considered this. We already have multiple clubs to handle wine choice (mixed, red only, white only, sweet only) as well as numbers of bottles per shipment (6, 12, 18). I guess it would not be that difficult to just multiply that by three. Shipping would not have to be separate for us since with our winery location pickup we could use the shipping option in WineDirect. Hmmm. I’ll have to mull that over a little longer.

Thanks again.