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Multiple tab warning


Woke up to this on all my tabs this morning. What’s up? I can’t be the only one who has like 500 tabs open at any given time :joy:


The big red banner is very annoying! Please make it go away. We use many tabs on a daily basis as we are fielding phone calls, emails and TR staff coming in with questions.


@rmcguire @m.herrera apologies for the confusion. In fact, having multiple tabs open at the same time in the same browser can cause serious issues, including order duplication, contact data corruption and club run errors. This is not a new development and in an effort to communicate the risks more effectively, we added this new warning message.

If you do need to have multiple tabs open at once, we recommend using two different browsers.

More detail is available on our Documentation site here:


PLEASE do not give me the big red banner. I always have at least 3 tabs open in the same browser so I can navigate the system - otherwise doing simple tasks is extremely difficult and unproductive. I have not had any problems as I am careful to use the other tabs to look up info or export reports and not to process transactions.


We process clubs only a few times a year and WD has a great note on this issue at that time that pops up. Every day we are juggling many customer needs and the big red banner is not very pleasnt to restful. I do use two browsers and have at least two WAP open on each one, sometimes more.


@vicky @m.herrera thank you for your feedback on this and sharing some detail on how you use the multiple tabs. Our goal here is not to make your lives more difficult, only to help avoid errors. We are revisiting this with our design team right now.


Adrienne - note that when using the campaign tool, when clicking on either “view customer” or “new order” buttons from the campaign admin page for a customer, a new tab is automatically created.


Hey @dacrum

Can you specify the steps you are taking?
All of the “View Customer” and “New Order” buttons I am aware of open in a modal, not a new tab but it is possible that I am not aware of an area.

Thank you!



@rmcguire @m.herrera @vicky – we have now removed the red banner so you should no longer see it with multiple tabs open.

@dacrum – we are looking into this issue and will reply directly to the ticket you sent in to our support team.


Thank you! Really appreciate that you are listening and very responsive to customer feedback when possible.


I hope everybody remembers that the red banner had a pretty good point to make, data issues can and will happen.


Good point, and I think a better implementation would be to show the red banner, but a button that says “don’t show this again.”

That way people would be warned, but it wouldn’t kill 1/4 of our screen real estate at the same time.


Imagine getting in your car and a banner flashes up warning you that if you use your stereo and air conditioning at the same time, your transmission might explode.

You shrug your shoulders, throw on some Post Malone and start driving to work. It’s mid-May, the sun’s shining bright and 5 minutes into your drive, without even realizing it, you flip your A/C on. Your car starts to rattle and then coasts to a stop.

What’s your first thought?

A) Man, I gotta be a better driver.

B) Man, I gotta get a better car.

As you know, the problem isn’t us, the users; the problem is the system. Could you imagine this being an issue on Shopify or SalesForce? Of course not, because it’s 2018 and they aren’t still reliant on ColdFusion. We, the users, have the expectation to use the web like anybody uses the web these days; with a gazillion tabs open.

Obviously, this isn’t a revelation for WineDirect. We know you’re feverishly working to upgrade the underpinnings of the system to give us a tab-friendly platform in the (fingers crossed) very near future.

So perhaps, in your warning messaging, you can communicate that. And maybe, for the users familiar with the dangers of tab-indulgence, a dismiss button to the banner. Until you fix your end of the problem, let the people blast Post Malone and A/C at their own risk.


@EdFarmCollective - We hear you, and you are spot on. We are very focused on fixing the underlying issues here, and we didn’t do a good job communicating that. We’re working on a revised alert message that includes that and a dismiss option. Thank you as always for your candid feedback.


@rmcguire – totally understand and agree – we are working on a revised that incorporates a dismiss option. thank you for your feedback on this.