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Off-Premise Sales

Has anyone found an easy way to flag Wine bottle orders only as off premise? (I’m not sure if this only applies to Texas) but the owners are needing a report at the end of the month that shows bottles consumed on vs. off premise for reports to our local Tax Authority.

My original solution was a variant sku, it’s easy for the staff to click, and the “pop up” feature in POS requires them to address it, one click done. The End of Month report also separates the sales very easily and cleanly since it’s a separate SKU. However, there is one HUGE downfall - our online store now shows both Sku’s and I can’t find a display on website toggle on/off for Variants, only for the primary item. So far this is the easiest option we’ve found on a busy Saturday in the tasting room but obviously I need to address this issue asap to save our online orders.

Alternatively I know we can use Sales Attributes in the side menu - but I fear that many extra clicks will cause the feature not to be used as often as it should. The other downfall with the Sales Attributes appears to be that the reports that display them would require a sorting and then manually totaling. Maybe I’m missing something?

The only solution I can think of if we want to keep variant sku’s is creating a separate set of Wine Bottles only for our website we only carry 15 max at a time, but then inventory may be an issue. Our old POS Shopkeep was very behind on the times but the off/on premise was easy for the staff to toggle at least.

Thank you in advance for reading through my long explanation!