Onsite POS orders defaulting to "to be picked up"

We just opened our tasting room and every sale we make automatically flags as “order to be picked up” and has to manually be changed to “picked up” (the customer is leaving with the product). Does anyone know how to turn this feature off for onsite tasting room sales?

On your admin panel, go to “Settings” → “POS Profiles” → select the profile that you are using in your tasting room. Then set the field “Pickup Orders” to “Auto Mark Orders As Picked Up”.

Will this cause wine club batches / website / admin panel orders to be automatically marked “picked up” as well or ONLY the transactions ran through the tasting room POS? Thank you for your reply, much appreciated!



It will only apply to orders that are run through that profile. Admin, website, and club orders will not be affected.

Thank you for the clarification.