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Order tracking by Tracking number


Is there a way to look up an order based off a tracking number? UPS returns packages and covers the label where the name is. and tracking through their site is even less helpful.


Hi Jason! If you run a shipping report (like the WSN-205) you can export to Excel and search for a tracking number that way. Unfortunately that’s the only way I’ve discovered thus far. Hope you’re well!

Jessica Pasquini


one possible way - we put the order # in the reference field in UPS Worldship when creating the original label. If a box is returned and we can’t read the original label, we can look up the tracking # in the UPS Worldship, reprint label and then have the order # available to look up in WD.


I’m busy but good! hope you are well also!


thank you Mark, I will give that a try.


@jason.burry There should be a search available for this under Store > Orders > Shipments :slight_smile:


it helps but it’d be nice to be able to search by the tracking number instead of Ctrl F