Orders By Ship/Pick Up Date Report and Order Detail Report Not Matching

Has anyone had problems with the Subtotal on the Orders By Ship/Pickup Date (Summary) not agreeing with the total Ext Item Price on the Order Detail Report?

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Hi @cris - these two columns will often not match due to the following:

  • Rounding issues (the difference should be fairly small)
  • If your Manage Filter for Order Detail is set to Product Bundles: Show as Individual SKUs
  • If you have Orders with just a Shipping fee but no Products in it (usually as a result of a Shipping Only Refund or performing Pickup to ShipX transactions)

Do you do or have any of those things in your Order Detail Report?

No. The default is set to use bundles. I only use the individual SKUs for my state compliance reports.

I have attached three orders and an excel file of these orders as reported on the order detail. The products on the detail report are not the same as the orders. This has been the ongoing problem. I could rerun the report and there will be different orders that won’t agree. I was working on NYS sales tax. This is the first time the detail report has agreed with the summary, but within the report the state totals do not agree.

Cris Peterson, Office Manager

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(Attachment Orders (4).PDF is missing)

(Attachment Orders (3).PDF is missing)

(Attachment Orders (2).PDF is missing)

Order Detail Summary differences April 2019.xlsx (13.5 KB)

No. These are not the reasons the reports do not match. For each order I have compared the subtotal from the Orders By Ship/Pickup Date with the extended item price on the detail. This month there are 4 orders that do not match. When I pull up the order under Store, the products sold per the order do not match the products sold on the detail report. I will email you the info.