Experimental Feature: Reporting on Shipping Only Refunds

In the Order Detail Report, orders without any items in it will be excluded from the report. The Order Detail Report is formatted to create a new line for every item in an order, so if there are orders with no items in it, they cannot be included in the Order Detail Report. These orders are most commonly Shipping Only Refunds and Pickup to ShipX.

Because of this, the ability to easily pinpoint Shipping Only Refunds and Pickup to ShipX Orders is a feature that has consistently been requested. We are happy to announce that we’ve been internally testing a new filter on the Orders By Ship/Pickup Date that should allow users to get this data.

The new filter, called Orders Without Products, can be used to fetch only Orders that have no SKU’s listed in the order.

The idea here is to allow clients who use Order Detail Report, to identify these orders that are left off the Report and use the information to balance their books.

This filter is still experimental and is not turned on by default for users at the moment. To enable this feature for your winery/account, email me (nico.suria@winedirect.com) or my colleague Carisen Randing (carisen.randing@winedirect.com) so we can turn on the feature for you.

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@EdFarmCollective Thanks for being so active on the ideas board! The feature requests normally comes from support for this one, so it’s not in the popular ideas list. Clients will reach out to support confused about a discrepancy in their Order Detail Report as they don’t realize these “item-less” orders are excluded from the report. This new filter should help them identify these orders and fill in the gaps, so to speak.

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Just giving you a hard time. It’s a useful quality of life feature, for sure.

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