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Password Protected Pages

Is it possible to password protect pages for Trade only? I do not see an option in the documentation or the page properties. Thanks!

@mfn You can add Page Security to your Trade page like so:

You’ll want to create a Contact for all your Trade customers with a username/password and assign these Contacts to a Contact Type with access to the Trades page.

Hope this helps!

This assumes they have an account set up and you have identified and tagged them.

Yes, it would require that. If this isn’t possible for the use case, unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to require a password to a page.

To clarify the use case, are you looking to have the Trade customers go to your website > go to the trades page > enter a generic password (one password for everyone) > access a list of Trades products? Are they going to be creating accounts and purchasing these products from the website as well? @mfn @EdFarmCollective

You could always add something like a “Request access” link via a form or something. The form could automatically mark them with the contact type (probably not what you’d want), or you can have it emailed to you where you just go in and click their contact type and reply that they’re all set.