Personal Paper Mill

I am experiencing a strange problem. Yesterday, we know there was a processing problem at the WineDirect datacenter. and according to the website, everything should be normal.

Today it has been terribly slow on the processing. And almost every other transaction, we have a paper mill. That is, the printer prints 4-feet of blank paper instead of the receipt.

Any suggestions???

Sorry, all I can think of is “toilet paper”.

Hi @cdjohnston - This documentation on receipt printers setup should help. Check out the section called Edit Google Chrome’s Printer Settings and make sure your Chrome settings match the screenshot. Change Merchant Solutions will be an excellent resource if you are having additional issues with the hardware.

How is your POS processing speed today - back to normal?


Hi - sorry, i didn’t see the notification for this response. Unfortunately, the iPad’s are not running chrome - just the App.

In any case, it has been a while since we have been ejecting all that much paper. Besides, it’s completely random when this happens to us.