POS Club Signups with Terms & Signature fields visible to customer

Our team is wondering if there is any way that there can be a something created where customers can join our Club at our Tasting Room on the POS module. We’re thinking, instead of using a paper form, joining Club Members can enter all of their information into our ipad on the POS and they will have visibility to our Terms & Conditions (maybe a “Accept T&C” box to click as well?) and then they can sign for the Membership signup as they normally would when signing for an order on the POS ipads. We’re wishing to go paperless with Club signup forms, however would need a signature line with T&C’s on the ipad for this to happen.


Would be REALLY cool if there was a “kiosk” function that walked a customer through inputting the wine club information in an easy way. The last page could be a signature and a T&C page. This would save my team HOURS every week.

There’s nothing like this built into wine direct, but if it is something you’d like to see, submit the idea to https://ideas.winedirect.com!


It’s up on Ideas now if you’d like to give it a like or 3 :slight_smile: Thank you.

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Here’s the direct link for reference:


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You’re awesome. Thank you.