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Printing Specific Club Shipping Labels


In order to print the stickers for the club shipments, I was told to go to the Store–> Select Club Order --> and select the date of charge in order to print the shipping labels. However this prints all stickers at once, and we have three different club levels.

My question is, how do I print shipping stickers in different batches, so I know when they are say the highest tier, and which stickers are the middle tier? If I can find a way to print stickers based on which club processing batch they came from, I would know these stickers go on these boxes, and this other batch of stickers will go on those boxes.


Would love to know the answer to this as well.


I guess if they don’t feel it’s an issue you get ignored in this system…


WD support seems to generally avoid reading/commenting in this forum. Not sure why. Anyway, I don’t do Easy Ship now, but back when I was doing my own fulfillment the workflow was to run one club, then go into Orders and filter for all of the newly submitted Club orders, then select all those orders and print them. Then repeat for each club.


Sorry again for the delay - we will make sure to be more active on this forum moving forward. It’s a great avenue to communicate with clients and we really value your feedback. We’d encourage you to submit a Feature Request to our team to add this option here as well:

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to print/generate your shipping labels and separate them by Club Level. What @ElJefe suggested is a possible workaround.

Another possible workaround if you have access to Website Settings, you can change the Club Order Type to a different Order Type for each club run.

You will first need to create the different Order Types by going to Settings > Misc > Order Type > Add Order Type: ClubOrder1, ClubOrderWhiteClub, ClubOrderRedClub, etc.

Then, you will want to go to Settings > Website Settings > Store > Scroll down the “Orders” section until you see “Club Order Type”. This is where the system determines what Order Type will be assigned to an order when it is processed through Club Processing. So during your club run day, you will want go to Website Settings, change the Order Type temporarily and run the shipment for that order type. When you want to process a shipment for a different club, go back to Website Settings and change the Order Type accordingly.

This way, you can use the OrderType filter on your Store page to separate out labels for different clubs.

Hope this helps!


please point to website settings under the settings tab.


that’s how we had to do it as well.


It’s there, you just need the right “permissions” to see it.


Thank you! A tiny convoluted, but that does make sense, and may work for what I am going for. Thank you for the reply Carisen!! We appreciate you taking the time to do so.


what permissions would that be layne? as I am a DomainAdmin. try to be helpfull


@jason.burry Under Settings > Users > Click on your name > Edit > Check off “Is Developer” and this should provide you access to Website Settings.


thank you @carisenranding