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Problems with buy x and get Y free


Anyone else having problems with buy X get Y free just during the last couple of weeks?


I am trying to create one right now and it isn’t working for some reason. It’s with an event ticket thought so I am not sure if that is the issue.


I’d like to revive this thread and see if anyone found a solution- we’re having the same problem. Two different buy X get Y promos - both won’t work with the event ticket we’d like to sell. When changing the ‘Y’ portion to a regular product, one of the two promos will work, but the other still won’t.

We’ve checked all the normal pitfalls - coupling, order types, who it applies to, the date it starts, nada.

Anyone have any insight? I’ve taken out a ticket as well but there’s been no movement on it.


I am also having this problem and it’s holding up an offer that needs to go out. My ticket has gone nowhere as well.