Promo builder for tastings?

Hi all!

I had a general question and hopefully someone has this integrated within their system or know the answer I am looking for.

We are looking to update our club benefits here in the next couple of months. Right now we offer two complimentary wine flights with every visit. We are wanting to limit that to 12 tasting per member per year, if that makes sense. Is there a way we can allot that amount per account or create a product promo that will limit them to that number?

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When you say “year” do you mean per calendar year or is it a year based on when they signed up?

If the former, you can make a promo to automatically discount a tasting SKU and then you can limit it to 12 uses per customer per year and just make a new one every January 1.

Great suggestion, thanks Ed!
@sarah2 We dive deep into this exact question in our Mastering Promos course in the WineDirect Academy - WineDirect Promos Training. Look to Chapter 6 - Automate Club Member Complimentary Tastings.