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Hello Again,

We are running our first club run in March with Wine Direct. We offer a really unique amount of discounts and benefits to our members. They can choose between being in a Mixed, White, Red, and sweet club and choose between 2,4,6, or a case per club run month. All of our clubs are customizable. Members that receive 2-11 bottles get 20% and members with a case get 25% off. Since WD is unable to stack promos in club runs, does anyone have a suggestion or an easier way to pull a report to show which of our members not in the 12 bottle clubs customize to over 12+ bottles.

Right now we know to run the user choice club season report and have to do a lot of Manuel manipulation on our excel report to figure out who got what to pull them out to make sure they receive the 25% discount. We are unable to see the cost of the club order on that report which would make it a whole lot easier to distinguish who got more than a case. Does anyone have a better way?

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There’s not a lot of ways to do it that don’t require manual manipulation.

Still astounded that WineDirect can’t/won’t do discount tiers in club batches like this.

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We hope since we are new to the software that there are some upgrades in the works for the user choice platforms. We had wonderful features that I worked with engineers to help make the customization process so much easier to manipulate a club run of 6000+ members (all of which have the customization feature). Fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe they are launching new Club enhancements starting in March and User Choice enhancements by the fall. Whether your desired features are a part of that, we’ll see.


Sarah and I have figured out our work around for the different promos/discounts we offer but it would be really helpful to have more reports for the user choice clubs. It would be AMAZING to have access to reports within the User Choice Clubs to total up a pending club orders, summarized and detailed, so you could have an estimate of sales and bottles purchased before you process the clubs (I had all these reports before and it was an awesome feature to utilize and forecast with). Also, I requested it would be great to have the ‘select/deselect’ feature added to the manage filters sections so you can select ALL the clubs instead of having to select one at a time to run a report within the User Choice Club reporting. Looking forward for the enhancements in the Fall.

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And, include in the report tracking number and if completed or processed/submitted/auth’d

When I run user choice reports, I add an extra column on the excel spreadsheet and add a formula to add the bottles immediately to the left. Then, you can arrange them in descending order by that column. I had to do this during our fall release, WD announced their minimums failed for a few days (right at the start of my release). User choice is not perfect though, if you finalize someone’s order in the processing tools, it still includes them at the default levels, even though their order already exists and may not match those wines. Be careful!

Your spreadsheet would look something like the attachment.Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 12.59.44 PM