Promo Coupling - which applies first

I know this question has been asked a few years back, but it doesn’t look like there was ever an answer /solution, so I’m going to bring it up again.

Is there a way to control which of multiple, applicable promos apply themselves first?

Example of two coupled promos:
Club members receive a standard % off order
$50 off a minimum order of $300

I only want the $50 off promo to apply if the order total is $300 AFTER the club discount. Right now, the $50 promo kicks in when the total of orginal price hits $300.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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Hi @MoniqueBailey, I am glad that Jen was able to answer this question for you via email. To share the answer for the rest of the Community, unfortunately, there is not yet a way to set which Promo applies first in the checkout at this time. We understand that this is a limitation when a total quantity is applied to the Promo parameters. If desired, please submit this to our feature request board for consideration:

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