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Qualification Date


We just switched over to Wine Direct and we are running our first club in March. I had a question about the qualification date. I understand what the purpose of it is. However, if we set the qualification date to 02/28/2021 since we process on 03/01/2021. If we have members who sign up for our wine club after the qualification date and want to receive their march order. Can we still add them to the club batch?

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To add folks that join the club after the qualification date, you will have to change the qualification date or just manually process the order outside the club batch.

Hello - I work with Sarah and just had a follow up question for you. Since we are new to the platform we had made some test club batches and we have added ourselves back to the club during the qualification tine-frame. In trying to add ourselves back to the batch it won’t allow us to. We did however process one club order through that test batch, does that null/void us out since one order was processed through the club batch? Hope that makes sense…

@karenm If you process an order in the batch for Joe Smith on 2/24 and are set to process all wine club members orders on 3/1, Joe Smith will NOT be charged again.

Another work around would be to process Joe Smith’s order (outside of the batch in the admin panel) and then SKIP him in the batch.